A New Story

Well, it’s coming up on the final week of school, and of course I’ve got more work than I can shake a stick at. But there is one piece of good news: my IPP (Independent Professional Project) got approved. For the next year, the tables will be turned. I’m going to write a book.

Well, it’s really a novella, only 20,000 words, but I’ll be writing, editing, publishing and marketing it all myself. A big job, but I’m really excited to take a crack at writing a story of my own. Stay tuned here for all the excited behind-the-scenes action, including more yelling about young adult fantasy fiction, and the inevitable questioning of my life choices. More details to come, just as soon as I can figure out what they are.


The Curse of the Cliffhanger

Somehow, this week I managed to carve out some personal reading time between madly planning for a magazine fair and even more madly trying to find a summer job. Luckily school hasn’t taken away my ability to bust through 500 pages in an evening, so I finished Peter V. Brett’s The Skull Throne in short order. It was a great book, the fourth in his Demon Cycle series, but it highlighted for me one of my biggest pet peeves about serial fiction: cliffhangers.

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