That President Sure Had a Lot of Men

Well, reading week has come and gone, and I’m no further ahead on my homework than I was at the start. But one thing I did manage was to finish All the President’s Men, a comprehensive on the reporting of the Watergate scandal. Yes, okay, it was required for class, but it was also a surprisingly enjoyable read.  Continue reading


Taking Time to Ease your Mind

So this week has been crunch week, or as our student association has so charmingly coined it, Hell Week. The week before Reading Week during which it seems like everything and the kitchen sink is due so that we can go into our break with a clear plate and time to relax and unwind (as if we didn’t also have a pile of stuff due after reading week, but that’s another story). But when I was talking to one of my classmates and happened to mention that I had been playing some video games in the evening, he seemed amazed that I had found the time to do that.

And that made me wonder, am I really that bad at time management? I mean maybe I am, lord knows it’s one of my weak points, but I really thought I was getting better about it. The thing is, I always make sure to block out time in my day for myself. Even if it’s only an hour, I need the time away from my schoolwork to keep my brain from becoming a Gordian knot of stress and anxiety. I just don’t have the ability to be working constantly.

Maybe it’s a function of how I work. Working on something gradually over the course of several hours really isn’t my style; I like to sit down with something, give it my full attention, and hammer it out as efficiently as possible. I also work best early in the morning, so rather than stay up till some ungodly hour trying to get something done, I’ll cut my losses, go to bed early, and get up at 5 am or earlier to take a fresh crack at it.

But this is one of my nagging worries about going into communications: more than a lot of other careers I’ve seen, communications people (especially journalists) seem to have to be able to be working constantly, or be willing to work outside the office. And that’s not the kind of career I’m after. When I’m at work, I’ll work as hard as I can, get as much done as I can, and that’s fine. But once I leave the office, I want that to be my time. I want to be able to leave my work at work and not have to be stressing 24 hours a day. (This is how the kind of bad brain stuff I was talking about in my last post happens.)

Maybe the only lesson to be learned here is that I’m just too laid back to be in CreComm, but I really do think there’s something to be said for setting aside time every day just for yourself.

A Jar of Some Kind, Anyway

First of all, I’d like to thank my classmates for spurring me to talk about this: their bravery has inspired me to open up about mental illness and its impact on my life, and hopefully it will for others as well. If you have the time or inclination, please read their posts here, here, and here.

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