Thin Air and Queer Storytelling

Yesterday, all us first-year CreComms attended some sessions of the annual Thin Air Writer’s Festival. All the authors that spoke to us were really interesting, but my favourite presentation was definitely the first one. Shawna Dempsy and Lorri Millan did some readings out of their new book of short stories called Bedtime Stories for the Edge of the World, which “turns North American myths of justice and equality on their heads”. And while that may be true, for me their stories did something much more powerful: they transgressed on the traditional notion that any story worth telling had to be from a white, heterosexual male perspective.

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A New Harry Potter Movie!

Great news for all us Harry Potter fans: according to LeakyNews, J.K.Rowling will be penning an adaptation of her popular supplemental text Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The book was written as though it was Harry Potter’s own school textbook, and contains many amusing annotations and doodles in addition to the descriptions of the many magical creatures that inhabit the wizarding world.

The movie is apparently going to be set in New York approximately 70 years before the events of the Harry Potter books, and will follow the exploits of the author of Fantastic Beasts, Newt Scamander. This is very exciting for longtime fans of the series, myself very much included, as it will give us a look at wizarding cultures outside of Great Britain, and so greatly expand our knowledge on the world of the Potter books.

I’m reserving any kind of critical judgement until we know more about the project, but it sounds very promising, and I am very excited.